It’s time for another item of clothing under the magnifying glass, this time I’ve turned my attention to a pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers. They have a unique modus operandi, ensuring each pair arrives pre-distressed and dirty which has always interested me and repelled me away in equal measure. Finally I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give them a test drive on my mens fashion blog!

As the winter approached, my interest in Golden Goose began to rise once again, largely thanks to practicality. Endless rainy days (or sometimes snow!) were scheduled to plague our days out, wearing my other sneakers from my collection was not an option! The bad weather would surely cause irreparable damage to them. With the Goose already sporting a dirty and worn in appearance, I felt that any extra stains and wear would be unnoticeable, in fact might even add something to the design!


As with nearly all of my shoe purchases, my attraction first began with the overall design. As previously mentioned, Golden Goose is a brand I have admired many times in the past, but always changed my mind at the last minute. The main reason for my flip flop attitude is down to its most unique feature – the distressing. All of my other premium sneakers are sleek, clean and brand new looking. So a pair covered in mud and dirt stains was certainly a leap out of my comfort zone!

My other concern was the undeniable similarity to the Converse brand, thanks to the star shape situated on the side of the shoes. However, once I received my pair and held them in my hands, this negative disappeared after admiring the beautiful shape and design of the sneakers. Crafted into a sleek, almost pointy shape (which I am a huge fan of) rather than the large, round toe cap and overall bulky design of many other brands.

Each of the shoes has the Golden Goose brand name situated on each side in gold lettering. The laces are a contrasting grey colour which stands out effectively against the otherwise solid white body of the shoe. My particular pair has a deep burgundy red colour on the heel area, whilst the star shape is a pale grey shade. Each pair is hand distressed and dirtied, adding to that exclusive touch.


With many premium shoes and sneakers I have tried, the majority of them have fallen quite hard at this hurdle, fortunately Golden Goose is not one of them! I cautiously slipped each shoe on (waiting for that uncomfortable pinch I know only too well) yet to my surprise it never materialised, not even a hint of discomfort. Even during my first walk around town, I received no blisters or cuts on the sides of my feet or the heels. Definitely a surprising yet welcome result in this category!

Another positive aspect of these sneakers is wearability and practicality, as I already touched upon earlier in the review, when Mother Nature hits us hard, these Golden Goose are now my go to sneaker! It is certainly a relief to not worry about damaging my other bright white sneakers with water splashes and mud!


When choosing my Golden Goose sneakers, I chose my normal size of a UK 8 / EU 42 which is typically spot on for European shoes. As to be expected, this was the correct choice, no issues with pulling them on, not too loose, nor too snug. I would definitely recommend you choose your normal size.


When my shoes arrived, I have to admit I was quite disappointed in the packaging. Compared to rival brands at the same price point, Golden Goose packaging is very poor. The cardboard is flimsy and feels like the box of a budget brand, as such my box was already dented and misshaped. Not only that, they have decided to design the box using a very deep solid blue (thanks to my experience in the printing trade, blue is one of the worst colours to actually dry) which easily transfers to hands and other items, in fact the inside of the box is also produced using this same ink and the blue had transferred to both heels and toe areas of the shoes! (whoever packed my pair up, they did not wrap them up effectively using the included tissue paper). Fortunately the company I purchased them from was very sympathetic and gave me a reasonable discount as compensation. It is not the end of the world, the sneakers themselves are already created distressed, so this only adds to the pre-worn look.


When it comes to value for money, this will depend on your opinion of distressed clothing. They are certainly an expensive shoe brand, sharing a similar price point to Common Projects and Saint Laurent. Yet, the shoes look like they are very used and worn in. This fact for many is likely to halt the completion of the purchase, especially when they compare to Converse with their strikingly similar design. The quality of the shoes themselves however is top notch, expertly made (as to be expected thanks to their Italian production) and will withstand heavy wear and usage.


In conclusion, despite my original misgivings regarding the brand, I am very happy I finally caved in and made the purchase. Because of the bad winter weather, I have actually worn these sneakers a huge number of times (almost dwarfing the amount of times I have worn my favourite Saint Laurent Sneakers). It is certainly a relief to venture outside amongst the elements and not worry too much about the various hazards and dangers around every corner!

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand also have a huge selection of different designs, colour options and patterns to choose from. If you are in the market for a pair of Italian premium sneakers which combine comfortability, excellent production values and a sleek shaped low profile, then maybe you should add a pair of Golden Goose to your wardrobe! I hope you liked my review!